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About Us

Badass Bait is dedicated to providing fresh, high quality frozen bait using resource sustainable practices. Operating out of Marathon, FL, less than one mile from the base of the historic Seven Mile Bridge, our facility was first utilized by Calcutta Fishing in 1991, when quality frozen bait was not widely available. They made their name ballyhoo, taking advantage of the proximity of the resource for quick processing- a tradition of quality that we uphold to this day.Owned and operated by families with decades of experience in both the commercial and sport-fishing industries, we are able maintain a rigorous standard of quality that can only be achieved in the United States of America. We don’t want you to just take our word for it. Know the difference with Badass Bait and make a good day of fishing a badass day of fishing.

Why Our Bait?

Badass Bait products are vacuum-sealed and blast frozen within hours of being caught, making them the freshest bait available. Shipping both domestically and internationally, check out what our bait could mean for your next day of fishing.

Increased Productivity

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional crew, quality bait can make or break your time on the water. As fishermen ourselves, we understand that there’s nothing worse than spending a bulk of your day changing out baits. The unrivaled quality of our bait allows you to spend less time switching washed out baits, and more time unhooking fish.


Locally Sourced

Can you say with confidence where your bait is from and how long it took to get there? We can. We operate our own company boats, catching most of our product within a few miles of our waterfront processing facility. Located in Marathon, FL Keys, less than a mile from the base of the Seven Mile Bridge, we process our bait within hours of catching it.

Guaranteed Quality

Quality bait is the hallmark of our business model. Bait is vacuum-sealed in packs of six to ensure uniform sizing as well as proper freezing and a tight seal. Badass Bait is proud to hold two active licenses and to be owned and operated by commercial fishing families with decades of experience. We understand the key to success is in the bait.

Making a good day of fishing, a great day of fishing.

That’s pretty badass.


Badass Bait Company provides the highest quality fresh-caught frozen bait in the country.

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