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Real or Plastic: What Bait Will Keep Fish Biting?

When preparing for a day of fishing, the first line of business that needs to be dealt with is securing your gear. From rods and hooks to lures and bait, you don’t want to find yourself offshore without the necessary equipment for a successful day.

At Badass Ballyhoo, we understand the difference between a good day of fishing and a great day of fishing all lies in your choice of bait. So, what will draw more bites – fresh natural ballyhoo or plastic ballyhoo bait?

Using Ballyhoo as Bait

Ballyhoo is commonly used as bait to catch game fish such as sailfish, wahoo, marlin, dolphin, tuna , and even swordfish.

Opting for Plastic Ballyhoo Bait

Plastic ballyhoo can be found at a variety of fishing and sporting goods stores throughout the U.S. A popular argument for plastic ballyhoo is that over time, plastic bait saves you money. This idea comes from the thought that natural bait cannot withstand years of use the way plastic bait could.
Advocates for plastic bait claim that they can sustain damage from fish, and be used again and again. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase as many, ultimately saving you more money.

Though this sounds excellent in theory, there are quite a few flaws with this argument. Plastic bait may survive an unsuccessful bite and remain rigged for you, However, there is absolutely no evidence that game fish bite artificial bait over natural bait. Though you may think you’re saving money, you won’t be reeling in near as many fish as you could have with real ballyhoo as bait. The right wiggle and scent undoubtedly draws more bites.

Real Ballyhoo as Bait

The beautiful thing about natural ballyhoo bait is that it can be trolled naked, without assistance from a lure.
Real ballyhoo properly rigged allows you to effectively troll your bait such that its movements replicate the aerodynamic style of free-swimming ballyhoo. Though they can be used in conjunction with something like a skirt, natural ballyhoo more effectively mimics the food source most game fish prey on and in turn bring more fish to your line.

Additionally, natural ballyhoo can be used for cut bait. Cut bait is exactly what it sounds like – cut up pieces of your live bait. Ballyhoo is proven successful as cut bait, attracting larger game fish like dolphin. 12 large pieces of ballyhoo chunked into cut bait can equate upwards of 48 baits.

When analyzing just how much bang you can get for your buck with natural ballyhoo, why would you settle for a plastic replica? Fish are much more intuitive than we give them credit for – hence, why we advocate targeting them with natural bait as opposed to plastic replicas.

Make Every Day of Fishing Badass

Whether you’re a pro fisherman or simply a fishing enthusiast, it can be easy to become sucked into the theory that artificial bait is worth your while. There are some benefits to artificial baits but nothing strong enough to leave your natural bait behind. If you’re looking to turn an average day of fishing into a great day, you’ll need fresh bait in your cooler.

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