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Mahi-mahi Trolling with Ballyhoo

For such a fast fish, you need an even faster angler. A Mahi-mahi’s anatomy was designed for great speeds. It has a long and sleek body, which allows for smooth gliding, a dorsal fin that starts at its head and ends at its tail, and a forked tail, or lunate, which propels its body to reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour. To catch these fast guys, trolling your bait the right way is a must.

Trolling With Ballyhoo

Mahi-mahi are ravenous eaters. They live to eat and enjoy the hunt, especially when it comes to hunting for flying fish. Flying fish swim in schools and glide the surface, making it a fun game for mahi-mahi . We fishermen have discovered that we are able to imitate flying fish by trolling with ballyhoo, another fish that mahi-mahi feed on. When you troll with ballyhoo, know that mahi-mahi like structure. They like to linger underneath or around things like floating debris or lines of Sargasso grass. They do this to hide from the sun, so if you’re out fishing and you see a weed line, you are on the right track.


When you find floating debris or a line of weed, troll right along the edge of the weed line in one direction, then cross over and troll in the other direction. Make sure that when you are trolling you are neither too slow nor too fast for the mahi-mahi; some might call this a semi-hot bait. Have the ballyhoo rigged on a line, put your rods in a rod holder, and let out 30-50 yards of line. Remember, mahi-mahi like flying fish, so the speed of your boat should be just enough to allow your ballyhoo to skip the surface of the water.


If you aren’t having any luck, there are some things you can consider and look out for when catching a mahi-mahi. Don’t get into a pattern, mahi-mahi like the chase. Try to vary the speed of your boat and break the pattern. Maybe you’re still having a tough time catching mahi-mahi. Keep an eye out for either birds or flying fish. By nature, a flock of birds will be above a school of baitfish and, more than likely, a mahi-mahi will be in the area eyeing that bait. When you see a school of flying fish, you can count on mahi-mahi being there.

The Catch

Mahi-mahi are just as quick to get off the hook as they are to bite the bait. When you feel a hit, keep the boat going and do not stop trolling, this will also attract other mahi-mahi to bite. Continue to troll with the ballyhoo for a minimum of 30 seconds until your line is tight with a mahi-mahi.

Where To Get Ballyhoo

If you’re ready to catch some mahi-mahi visit our website for expert tips and top of the line bait. Badass Ballyhoo catches ballyhoo daily, vacuum-seals and freezes it, and ships all around the nation to ensure the freshest and hardiest bait for fishermen of all kinds.

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