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Best Game Fish to Catch Using Ballyhoo

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but only a few put up the fight that every sport fisherman craves. These powerful and excellent game fish require an equally powerful bait, and our team at Badass Ballyhoo knows that. Here is our comprehensive list of the best game fish to catch using ballyhoo!


One of the most renowned game fish is the Mahi-mahi, which is found all around the globe. Easily distinguished by their large, rounded heads and beautiful flashy colors of blue, green, and yellow, they’re a familiar sight to the avid fisherman. Their size and agility are unparalleled – this fish typically weighs between 15 to 30 Lbs and can swim as fast as 50 mph. Once on a line, their colors and speed make for a thrilling display. Trolling for Mahi while using ballyhoo is a surefire way to catch one of these beautiful and delicious gamefish.

Blue Marlin

Marlin fishing is an incredibly large industry, bringing in millions of dollars per year and providing many jobs in the fishing industry. Blue Marlin on average grows to 11 feet long and can weigh from 200 to 400 Lbs. Many sports fishers have found that when using ballyhoo, a flashy lure works best to attract a blue marlin. The Blue Marlin is a spectacular and powerful fish; with their long beaks, big sails, and immense size, it’s easy to see why sport fishermen seek them out.


Tuna is prized worldwide as a versatile delicacy served canned, or as an ultra-fresh cut that rivals the best of steaks. Not only is this fish a favorite food source – but it is also a great game fish to pursue as they can swim over 40 mph, and weigh over 500 Lbs. Their unique ability to raise their body temperature above that of the surrounding water is what keeps them among the fastest and strongest swimmers in the sea. Troll for tuna with ballyhoo – an excellent bait, especially when swimming naked.


A popular gamefish known for its aggressiveness and sharp teeth, the Wahoo is a fighter unlike any other. On average they weigh from 35 to 60 Ibs and can swim at about 60 mph. Wahoos are ambush predators that are well camouflaged to wait for the ideal moment to strike. Although typically found in deep, cold waters close to land, they have been known to spring up just about anywhere. Any sports fisherman will tell you that an encounter with a Wahoo is an unforgettable experience. When fishing for wahoo, horse ballyhoo with lures makes a great combo. Use a zigzag trolling pattern for best results – just be careful of those razor sharp teeth!

Use Badass Ballyhoo For Your Next Big Catch!

When it comes to catching these great game fish, ballyhoo is the way to go. At Badass Ballyhoo, we ship the best and freshest ballyhoo all around the nation every day. Contact us at (305) 224-8091 or through our website for more information.

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