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Best Game Fish to Catch Using Ballyhoo

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but only a few put up the fight that every sport fisherman craves. These powerful and excellent game fish require an equally powerful bait, and our team at Badass Ballyhoo knows that. Here is our comprehensive list of the best game fish to catch using ballyhoo! Mahi-Mahi One […]

By Glenny Abellana

August 9, 2018

Ballyhoo Bait Prep for Best Natural Swimming Look

The ballyhoo is a surface-dwelling bait fish that, when rigged with the right method, can make for big catches like tuna, billfish, and other pelagic species. Knowing the proper techniques on how to make the best rig is key to a successful fishing outing. Here are a couple of ways to prepare your ballyhoo bait […]

By Glenny Abellana

July 1, 2018

Mahi-mahi Trolling with Ballyhoo

For such a fast fish, you need an even faster angler. A Mahi-mahi’s anatomy was designed for great speeds. It has a long and sleek body, which allows for smooth gliding, a dorsal fin that starts at its head and ends at its tail, and a forked tail, or lunate, which propels its body to […]

By Glenny Abellana

June 7, 2018

How to Rig a Ballyhoo for Dolphin

Why a Ballyhoo? For those who do not know, Ballyhoo are the small silver fish with a needle nose that swim so fast above the surface that they end up airborne. Some would consider this sight similar to skipping stones. But Ballyhoo do not do this just for their own entertainment, they do it to […]

By Glenny Abellana

May 29, 2018

Real or Plastic: What Bait Will Keep Fish Biting?

When preparing for a day of fishing, the first line of business that needs to be dealt with is securing your gear. From rods and hooks to lures and bait, you don’t want to find yourself offshore without the necessary equipment for a successful day. At Badass Ballyhoo, we understand the difference between a good […]

By Glenny Abellana

May 15, 2018