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Badass Bait FAQ

Green shitters or green fish—as they are referred to in the industry—are the heartiest of the Ballyhoo. We believe that something in their diet of grass makes them that way. The red or brown shitters or blue fish are believed to eat plankton and again something in that diet allows them to deteriorate faster. However, the blue fish are still a decent bait fresh or if they are properly cared for and frozen. A lot of the Bait that you will see in the Keys during the summer that are used by the charter fisherman are blue fish.


We produce ballyhoo all year long. However, the bulk of commercial harvest for ballyhoo typically takes place from Miami to Key West following the cold fronts that occur from September through December. Therefore, 90% of ballyhoo production takes place during late fall and early winter. They are frozen for summer. The temperature of the water has little to do with quality.

Yes, ballyhoo season closes during August for spawning purposes.

To catch ballyhoo we use modified lampara nets designed to eliminate most all bycatch. This means we do not unintentionally catch fish or other marine species while targeting ballyhoo. Our nets are designed not to touch the bottom of the ocean so as not to molest our coral reefs and grass beds. We adhere to the highest standards of conservation and are fully invested in the sustainability of our fishery.

Yes, we are licensed to catch ballyhoo. Currently, there are 19 licenses to catch ballyhoo however only about 10 licenses are actively being used.

You are allowed to catch ballyhoo 1-mile off-land on the ocean side, and 3-miles off-land on the bayside. We are permitted to catch in special protected areas with a permit.

Our license permits us to catch 10 boxes of fish per day which is about 20k fish.

Fresh, superior quality. We use our boats to catch ballyhoo, and other bait products, and return them within hours to our facilities. Right on the water, our fish house processing plant is at the base of the Seven Mile Bridge. The quicker fish are frozen, the better quality for the consumer – and we process our fish quicker than anybody else. Likewise, our computer operated machinery grades fish by weight. This means we package our fish uniformly with consistent sizing, a quality that is hard to come by with standard frozen bait companies.

Our distribution points are Marathon Fl Keys and Stuart, Fl. We deliver to Florida and the eastern seaboard and can ship products both domestically and internationally.

No. We pride ourselves in doing our best to keep our business at home, to support local fisherman. By keeping business local, we have a fresher bait.  Additionally, we don’t have to risk lower quality control of other countries. Our Florida-caught fish is the freshest available.

Making a good day of fishing, a great day of fishing.

That’s pretty badass.


Badass Bait Company, an FL-based company, provides the highest quality fresh-caught frozen bait in the country.

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